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Third camera strap | Brandy


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Third camera strap | Brandy

Keep in mind that this leather could leave stains on your light colored clothing when it gets really wet.
Colors can differ from the images and earlier purchased items because leather is a natural product.
Only attachable to double camera harnesses which have D-rings on the shoulders.

Additional information

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A set of custom-made handcrafted leather camera straps to expand your harness and be able to use 3 camera’s at a time.

These Hantler straps are made from high quality vegetable-tanned leather and are custom made in our own studio. It comes with two clips to attach and detach the strap easily and quick. They come in the same colors as our camera harnesses but of course it’s also possible to mix and match to your own preference.

The set contains 3 straps. Two straps to attach your camera with + one smaller chest strap.

Sizes (including clips):
Medium: 2x 33cm straps + 1x 22cm chest strap
Large: 2x 45cmstraps + 1x 33cm chest strap

We recommend to measure the right size before you place your order.

Product details:
• Easy to install
• Suitable for almost every camera model
• Made from vegetable-tanned high quality leather
• Everything needed to attach it to your camera and harness is included
• Hardware parts are bullet, old silver or brass colored
• Because of the high quality leather the product is very durable
• Condition with a leather cream every once in a while to keep the leather healthy

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