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A photoshoot planner every photographer needs! Developed and created by photographer Renate Vos.

Do you have trouble with planning your appointments and do you quickly lose track of all your tasks? Then the Shoot planner is a must-have item for you! This book will help you enormously with planning all your photography-related tasks! No more wasting time searching your email for the right client information. With this Shoot planner you have everything right at hand!

As a photographer, you are often busy with many things at the same time. From photoshoots to photo selections, planning your post-processing, shipping or emailing additional orders etc. but let’s not forget all the things you have to do as an entrepreneur. This planner will help you with an overview of all those tasks.

The planner is a clear book of 27cm x 19cm. Thanks to the ring binder, you can fold the planner so it won’t take up any unnecessary space on your desk.

What makes this planner different from all those other planners? It contains a bunch of different checklists specially created to keep track of your photoshoots. For example, the photoshoot checklists give you an overview of how far along a photoshoot with a client is processed. Think of checkboxes telling you if the photo selection is made, the invoice sent, a payment has been received, or the photos are edited and sent. On the page next to these checklists you will find a list with customer details. In this way, you have one single overview with whom you are having the photoshoot, where the shoot takes place, and to which address the products should be shipped. So no more searching in your mailbox or waiting for customer responses.

Included in this planner:

  • Monthly views
  • Weekly views
  • To-Do’s (per week and per day)
  • Different types of checklists such as photoshoot processing,
    workshop planning sent out gift cards and more.
  • Customer detail lists
  • Appointment planning lists
  • Notes
  • The planner is free from dates so could be used at any time in the year

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27cm x 19cm


Planner is free from dates so could be used at any time in the year.

This planner is developed and created by Renate Vos Fotografie.

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